​Advertise on our Food boxes and see your brand become the talk of town during Lunch

Let your ads reach people's homes: With hundreds of Londoners ordering our £2 meals per hour your brand could become the talk of town.

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Increased Brand Engagement

Attach your Company Ad to our food packs and have hundreds of Londoners viewing and familiarising themselves with your brand and value preposition. On average, each customer of ours spends nearly 1-2 minutes viewing our ads as compared to advertising on social media where the average viewing is in milliseconds.



Our new innovative marketing solution that combines both effectiveness and a low-cost option is hard to beat. Advertise with us for just 0.9p per food pack or reach 500 households for the price of £12. Whatever the size of business, our affordable pricing beats any other out there on the street.

Ad ends in 3 days
Ad ends after 500 orders

No Ad duration. No time limit

There's no time limit on your ad. Your ad only ends when it reaches your target number. Want to reach 500 people in East London? Your ad campaign only ends when its on the food pack of 500 East Londoners. No time constraint attached. Period.

Dedicated Design Team

Let our team of top-notch designers and brand developers design a highly appealing ad that will captivate all who sees it. Our team will ensure your ad blends with our food pack. This way, we do all the designing and sketching without you taking on the burden of designing. Each design will only be attached to our packs upon the approval of your company or its representative. This perk cost only an additional £3.

Higher ROI compared to other digital Ads

Compared with other digital ads, our ad option gives you a good value for your ad. We ensure that your ad reaches an actual person, not a bot

Find £2 meals in Berham street

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Proximity: Reach Local customers

Whether your target audience are dispersed all over the country or are location-specific: We can match your ads to the location-specific audience you aim to attract. i.e customers ordering meal within a certain post-code, borough or area. Once you pin your target audience, we'll ensure everyone within that perimeter gets your ad on their food packs.

Attach your brand to a noble cause. By buying ads on food packs you are ensuring millions of people in London are able to get cheap meals.

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